The experience

Initium offers a complete immersion in the fascinating world of mechanical timepieces. Its ambition is to reveal the secrets of watchmaking, an ancestral skill which over the centuries has become synonymous with an entire region, an entire country. Lessons in theory and practice from a master watchmaker help you pierce the mysteries of a mechanical movement. Screwdriver and tweezers in hand, experience the unique thrill of seeing the beating heart of the watch you assembled come to life.

Initium invites you to its workshop in Le Noirmont, land of the first Swiss "farmer-watchmakers", or to its workshop in Geneva, the world capital of luxury watchmaking. Try your hand at engraving and chamfering, or assemble a complete watch that will be yours to keep. Find out more about the range of Classes and choose the one for you.



The master watchmaker




The watchmaker's art is a closely-guarded secret; by taking part in one of Initium's classes, you pierce certain of its mysteries. Each class begins with an explanation of the mechanical workings of a watch. A master watchmaker, trained at some of the region's foremost watch manufacturers, then imparts the fundamentals of Swiss watchmaking and its mechanical movements, those miniature marvels and ambassadors for Swiss expertise throughout the world.

In the Gamma and Delta classes, you build your own Swiss watch: yours to keep and wear as a very special souvenir. Initium's master watchmaker is by your side to guide you through the most delicate stages as, part by part, you assemble the movement.

Both these classes put you in the watchmaker's seat. You choose the components of your timepiece from a vast range of quality parts, to give your watch the appearance you want it to have. Go to Classes for full details of the different options available.

The locations


Le Noirmont

Canton of Jura


Initium's workshop in Le Noirmont is nestled at the heart of the Swiss Jura, one of the regions where watchmaking first took root in Switzerland. Stylish and contemporary in its design, the workshop's peaceful atmosphere provides an ideal learning environment. Its vast windows open onto magnificent views of the trees and hills of the Franches-Montagnes, while numerous artefacts relating to watchmaking, many from another era, will catch your eye and let you in on a few secrets.


Canton of Geneva


Initium opened a second workshop in the historic downtown of Geneva, the witness of the fabulous watchmaking tradition of the city of the end of the lake. Located at 17 Grand-Rue, the lovely building is from the 17th century. We enter the arcade by a pedestrian street, the same used by the farmer-watchmaker coming selling their work at the big manufactures of the city. A calm and full of history place, perfect for the concentration needed for this unique experience.


Lake Zurich Region


In Gebertingen, not far from Rapperswil, is the new high-end watchmaking workshop in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. A relaxing view of the upper Lake Zurich and the best watch models provide inspiration and concentrated work. Close to Zurich, Sargans, Winterthur and St. Gallen, you will find here the ideal location in the German-speaking part of Switzerland for this special experience.

Initium will unveil a groundbreaking concept soon…

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