Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Where is the Initium workshop?

We're based in Le Noirmont, in the Swiss Jura. Our address is Sous-la-Velle 14, 2340 Le Noirmont. You'll find us on the second floor of the Creapole building, next to Globaz, on the right-hand side of the main road as you come from Le Noirmont. Look for the Initium name on the letterbox, and above the workshop door.


How do I get to the Initium workshop?

If you're coming by car, there is a large, free car park in front of the Creapole building, where the workshop is located.

If you're coming by train to Le Noirmont, when you come out of the station, walk past Relais & Château Georges Wenger. Continue for 100 metres as far as the main road, and turn right. Follow the road for about 12 minutes until you come to a roundabout, where you turn right. Initium is on the right-hand side of the road, coming from Le Noirmont.


Is the Initium workshop accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Yes. It's flat from the car park to the building. There is a large lift to the workshop, and the toilets are adapted for people with reduced mobility.


How much are the classes?

You'll find all our prices on our website, under Classes. Click on any of the classes; the price is given at the end of the description.


Are there group rates?

Yes, for the Alpha and Bêta classes:

  • CHF 300 per participant from 3 people
  • CHF 250 per participant from 6 people


What are the available means of payment?

Payments are made online. If you're in Switzerland, we can send you a bulletin de versement on request.


What days are classes scheduled?

Monday to Saturday for Alpha, Bêta and Gamma.
Wednesday to Saturday for Delta.


Where can I find the dates for classes?

Call us, or send us an email. We'll suggest several dates so that we can fit in with your schedule. If you'd like to book for a group, we recommend contacting us at least a month in advance.


Is there a long waiting list?

We make every effort to satisfy requests in the shortest possible time. Generally, we are able to propose a class one month in advance.


How long does a class last?

Alpha and Bêta classes last three hours, usually from 9am to noon, or from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

Gamma classes last half a day, from 8am to noon, or from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.
Delta classes last a full day, from 8am to around 5.30pm.


Are the classes given in another language?

All our classes can be given in French, English, German or Spanish, with more dates for classes in French. We can also arrange for a class in Chinese, with an interpreter, for an additional charge.


What's the difference between Gamma and Delta?

Gamma (half-day) comprises a theoretical introduction, choosing the components of your watch, and casing. You don't assemble the movement yourself.

Delta (full day) goes further than Gamma as it includes taking apart and assembling the mechanical movement. You can also have the case of your watch laser-engraved with a choice of inscriptions. And of course the gastronomic lunch with the other participants and the master watchmaker at a two Michelin-starred restaurant adds to the experience.


Where can I see Initium watches?

We don't have any set models. Instead, we encourage you to be creative, thanks to the wide selection of components available. The different movements, cases, flanges, dials, hands and straps that we propose enable you to make a totally unique and personalised watch. Have a look at our Facebook page, Instagram account or Linkedin profile, where you can view numerous examples of watches made during our classes.


How big is an Initium watch?

For classes that use a manual-wind mechanical movement, we currently propose three case sizes: 42 mm, 43.5 mm and 48 mm.
For classes that use an automatic mechanical movement, we currently propose various case sizes ranging from 33 mm to 43 mm.


What is the quality of an Initium watch?

The components we propose are the same ones used by many Swiss watch brands, and are the guarantee of a high-quality watch. Every Initium watch has a two-year warranty and carries the Swiss-Made label.


What's in an Initium gift token?

For Alpha and Bêta classes:

  • A voucher, with a wax seal, describing the content and length of the class
  • An envelope and a card for a personal message

For Gamma and Delta classes:

  • A voucher, with a wax seal, describing the content and length of the class
  • An envelope and a card for a personal message
  • A watchmaker's loupe inside an Initium presentation box


How do I purchase a gift token?

Go to the gift token page and choose the class, or the amount if you want to give a discount voucher. Then enter the recipient's name and a postal address (if possible, not the recipient's address, so as not to spoil the surprise!).


Can you recommend any nearby restaurants or places to stay?

Feel free to contact us, we'll be delighted to share our favourite addresses in the region!


What if I have a food allergy or intolerance (Delta class only)?

Just let us know in advance, so that the staff at Relais & Château Georges Wenger can take this into account when preparing what promises to be an unforgettable meal!

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