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The tourbillon watch: this horological complication that turns heads

This article invites you to come back on the fascinating history of the tourbillon that is still very popular with luxury brands. We will return to the genealogy of this system, designed to improve the accuracy of pocket watches. We will also detail how a whirlpool works so that it has no more secrets for…
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How an automatic watch movement works

Having looked in detail at how a manual watch movement works, we'll examine how an automatic movement works. An automatic movement and a manual movement use the same basic mechanisms to measure and display the time. The difference concerns how the mainspring is wound. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this improvement…
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How a manual watch movement works

This article looks at the functioning of a mechanical watch movement (i.e. one that has no electronic parts) with manual winding. The first thing to know is that a watch is a combination of external parts which are the: strap dial hands case     and the movement which can be broken down into the:…
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