Seated at an authentic watchmaker's workbench, you are immediately drawn into the incomparable atmosphere of the workshop as you prepare to discover the secrets and subtleties of a mechanical movement, while enjoying a magnificent view of the fir trees and meadows of the Jura countryside, or the charm of a pedestrian street of the Old Town of Geneva.

Choose from a range of options. Both the Alpha and Bêta classes begin with an introduction to the workings of a mechanical movement. Then comes your turn to assemble part of a movement (Alpha) or try your hand at watchmaking's decorative arts, such as chamfering and engraving (Bêta).

Two other possibilities take the experience further still. They are the Gamma and Delta classes, during which you assemble your watch to your exact wishes. Guided by one of Initium's master watchmakers, you choose from an impressive range of top-quality components. From the movement to the dial, hands, even the strap, you decide how your finished watch will look, then assemble it yourself (Gamma). In addition to this, you can personalise your watch with the engraving of your choice (Delta).



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